Organic Brand For The Urban Mini-Malist 0-7y.


(above the clouds)

And all of a sudden, your world stops...

you play with those tiny fingers, you caress that silky hair and enjoy the sight of this miracle. You focus on every detail to make sure you will always remember.


As a star-parent, you too are very proud and you want to treasure this moment forever. Pictures of your newborn baby, your new family. Pictures that will guide you along the process of living with this loss. Pictures you can proudly share with your beloved ones.

The professional team of photographers will make sure to capture these first moments and will document a memory that will never fade. At BOVEN DE WOLKEN we do this with our heart and soul, with love for precious memories and respect for you and your newborn baby.


Learning how to live with the loss of a baby takes a long time. It is a rollercoaster of emotions. Breaking down, daring to smile again, holding on to memories. And that is what BOVEN DE WOLKEN does. As soon as you decide to have your baby and those first moments photographed, you can contact them for an appointment. Per region there is a designated photographer. The photographers work non profit, they work out of love and respect. They want you to have beautiful pictures of your newborn, like every parent deserves to have. 


But nothing comes for free and therefore we decided to support this cause, not only by putting BOVEN DE WOLKEN in the spotlight, so people can get to know this beautiful cause; but by asking you to donate. With the money assembled they can invest in more promotion around their cause, to get more hospitals on board, they can buy equipment and clothing for the photo shoots etc.

COS I SAID SO is very touched by this cause, and as a mother I can only be so thankful that I was given the chance to experience having a baby and see him grow up. In my circle of friends I have heard a few times of this nightmare parents can live, the one of losing a baby. Therefore we dedicated our whole 'HAPPY HUMAN KIND' space theme of our SS17 collection to 'star children', children that weren't given the chance to live with us, but continued living as a star, always there, and only to be seen by their loving parents they left behind. We will donate 5% percent of our profit of our online sales of our 'space theme' to BOVEN DE WOLKEN and we hope you will donate too, by clicking on the button below.

Every little helps! x


If you don't have a credit card you can also transfer money directly to BOVEN DE WOLKEN:

IBAN: BE19 1430 9670 9812 / BIC: GEBABEBB

(A photoshoot costs them around 50€ and they have 4 shoots a week on average)